Sparrowhawk in the garden!

I suppose I should have expected it to happen sooner or later, seeing as the garden is now attracting up to 50 or more sparrows at a time – quite a delight to watch! Today, I was completely taken by surprise by a sparrowhawk landing on the bird table. It moved to the fence, but by the time I got the camera it decided to fly away – always the way! I think it may have been around earlier too, as I heard the sparrows panicking  and one flew into the patio window and stunned herself. I took her in and put her in a cardboard box lined with a cloth for 10 minutes as she wasn’t quite with it and luckily she was right as rain afterwards.

Last night discovered our most successful moth trap so far. Known as the ‘living room’ – all you have to do is leave the doors open and turn the light on :p It was really hot and we kept the door open a little too late into the night. Attracted rather a lot of orange swifts. I really hope to do a proper moth trap soon – I say proper, but I think we’ll just start out with the good old white cloth and torch technique, and perhaps look into making our own soon. Also keeping an eye out on eBay, but I think buying one takes all the fun and achievement out of building your own… we will see!

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