Useful Websites

General environment news:
The Ecologist
Environmental News


A Nature Observer’s Scrapbook
UK Nature
Wild About Britain
When to Watch Wildlife
Garden Stew
Natural England
Garden Safari
The NBN Species Dictionary

Reptiles and Amphibians:

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

Insects and Arthropods:

UK butterflies
Insect Classification
UK Moths
Eggs, larvae and Pupae of Moths & Butterflies
British Dragonfly Society


RSPB bird identifier
British Garden Birds


Woodlands Tree ID
Flora ID
British Wilf Flower Guide

Recording schemes:

Moths Count
National Amphibian and Reptile Recording Scheme
Nature’s Calendar
Add an Adder
Reporting Alien Reptiles and Amphibians

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    Good links hopefully to inspire further involvement and action!

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